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Cold Aston

Posted on 25/04/2012
Folly Farm - Cold Aston - Folly Farm

  • This walk is very simple and is suitable for those wanting a stroll to the pub and back using a different route. It is also suitable for families with very young walkers.
  • The information in the chart (right) is worked out at a Speed of two miles per hour, a good speed for families or groups. You may be a faster walker, adjust the speed to suit.
  • This is a pretty walk with views looking back towards Folly Farm.
  • The pub may be open, check with the campsite manager.
  • The walk is perfect for activity as a part of your day.

Before you go

Take care on the road section between Cold Aston and the footpath return to Folly Farm. It is usually very quiet but of course cars do use this road.

There are often cattle in the field near the campsite. this is not normally a problem, they are too busy grazing. Keep your dog on a lead through the fields.

Follow the red line with green dots in it. you can go in either direction, as it is a circular walk. ENJOY. (you can download the information + map below)

Get the map: Download

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