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 Past Naunton and Aylworth Route

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Past Naunton and Aylworth Route

Posted on 25/04/2012
Walk Information
Folly Farm - Naunton - Barton - Guiting Power- Aylworth - Folly Farm

  • We reccomend that you make use of an Ordnance Survey map in conjunction with this suggested route.
  • The above information is worked out at a speed of two miles per hour, a good speed for groups and families. You may be a faster walker, adjust times to suit.
  • This walk can be adapted to return from Naunton - simply go west along the village road and pick up the footpath to make the return south to Folly Farm. This makes a much shorter walk.
  • There is a good pub in Naunton, ask the campsite manager for details.
  • This is a pleasant, quiet walk with good views and rolling countryside. The villages are beautiful and typical of the Cotswolds.
  • On the whole, paths are clear and signed with finger posts.
  • Take care when walking on paths near the golf course.
  • the walk is an enjoyable full day walk for most groups.

Before you go

Although this is not the Scottish Highlands it is sensible to make sure you have suitable footwear and clothing. A drink and a snack will help add to the enjoyment of the walk.

Parts of the walk make use of quiet lanes BUT remember, vehicles do use these lanes be particulary careful crossing the A436 when leaving and returning to Folly Farm.

Download the map below, and Follow the red line with green dots in it. You can go either direction, as it is a circular route. ENJOY. 

Get the map: Download

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